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The first people to settle by Varangerfjord arrived some 12,000 years ago. The oldest documented settlement is from around 10,000 BC and this type of settlement can be found in the cultural history area at Ceavccageadge/Mortensnes in Nesseby.  Rich archaeological finds from more recent eras have also made this a key area for research into the emergence of the Sami culture. Graves from the pre-Christian Sami religion can be found here.  

Intense missionary work was conducted from the 17th century. The first church/chapel was built on Selesnjárga/Angsnes in 1719.  Today, Unjarga/Nesseby is an important coastal Sami community where many people make a living from traditional occupations such as reindeer farming, agriculture, and fishing. Unjargá/Nesseby currently has a population of more than 900 people.


Hamningberg is described as the place with the most complete pre-war fishing village in Finnmark. Hamningberg was a significant fishing village from the 16th century and has buildings from its boom years in the 19th century before boats were motorized and better harbors were needed.

In 1964 Hamningberg was abandoned, following a decision by the Norwegian parliament to not extend the harbors. Despite the town being abandoned many people in Hamningberg retained their houses and homes, today Hamningberg is first and foremost a recreation center and the cost general store in the middle of the fishing village is worth a visit. When you visit Hamningberg we recommend that you use the car park up from and to the left of the village, as this will make your visit more enjoyable and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.


The village of Vestre Jakobselv, Ánnejohka, Annijoki, which has around 800 inhabitants, is situated in the middle of Varanger. The village is a historic multicultural community, strongly influenced by Kvennish/Finnish settlers. One of the best salmon rivers in Norway, Jakobselva, runs into the sea here. The river is worth visiting not only for fishing but also as an exciting hiking area.

The most northeastern golf course in Norway is also in Jakobselv, and on warm summer days, you can sunbathe on the beach and take a dip in Varangerfjord. It is also a superb starting point for bird watching in both summer and winter and for hiking in the Varanger Peninsula National Park.

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